Friday Nights

You are like Friday nights
After days of wearing masks
Of slaves of different lives
I come to you as free.

You are like Friday nights
After days being someone else
And tired of envy and lies
I come to you as me.

You are my Friday nights
Where leaving the fool’s battle
Of a worldly week behind
I am where I need be.

© Arindam Dey


I Wonder

“Why every verse of unrerealised love of even poets I have never known, brings you to me, everytime.

I wonder, what heart with what hurt bled on those blank sheets.

I wonder, if it was me, or someone else who penned those wounds.

I wonder…”

© Arindam Dey


Years have gone since we last met
Yet even today when there is a knock
I wonder if that is you.

The world I greet at that doorstep
Sometimes my longing too right there
Wishing only if it was you.

© Arindam Dey

Stories on my Skin

“For the brief time we were one, you left two stories on my skin. The marks of love, and the scars of fear.

Sometimes, when I wake up deep into the night, shivering in my cold loneliness, I wonder, which one of them will sleep longer with me.”

© Arindam Dey

Your Name

Eyes were moist, so was my sky
When I stopped again tonight.

And once more I kept your name
Safe in me where all scars hide.

© Arindam Dey


Let all complaints fade
And tears put up
No fight.

When I seek my hearth
In your lips again

Let that furnace burn
When a city goes
To sleep.

And a lover’s sketch
On a lover goes
Skin deep.

© Arindam Dey

No Words

I fail to write
a word tonight
For somedays
you remain
not in my lines
but in my quiet.

A little you
and a little me
Let us rest now
losing all lines
And let an old pain
be our verse tonight.

© Arindam Dey

I Wait

“We had to cross ways for only but a moment. Who knew, you would wrap a lifetime in it?

The station remains as it was that morning. The windows roll in, look at me and leave. I wait and I wait…”

© Arindam Dey


Tired of words
my wouned pen
crawls dry.

Tell me,
Oh ancient sin
Oh name in dark.

Would you still
be my verse
If that old sheet
stays blank tonight?

© Arindam Dey

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