Ice On Fire

Ever seen ice on fire?
The finger asked
the skin.

I have been cold
for long,
The skin shivered.

Ever seen ice on fire?
The finger scratched
a smile,
The night waited…

© Arindam Dey


​What am I
But a fistful dust
In the winds of time.

And an old tale
Long lost beneath
Those few words.

If ever you read
I will get that day
One name, one face.

And one address
In your heart where
That forever awaits.

I wait, I wait.

© Arindam Dey


Staring into the blank
Across the stars
I search my words.

It has been long
Since poetry
Has marooned me.

And yet, every night
I look for you
My lost stranger.

May be someday
You will return
As a tear or a lost verse.

But not tonight
Not tonight…

© Arindam Dey

I Laugh

“​Sometimes I wonder what hurt more.
Losing you or never being able to tell you that…

Sometimes I just scribble the vaccum you once left. They call it poetry.

I laugh. I laugh…”

© Arindam Dey


​Ever asked the sky
Why it rains
When the moon is lost
Behind the clouds
On cold dark nights?

Why ask me then
Why I cry
When silent drops
From my eyes
Mourn your absence?

© Arindam Dey


​My pen sulks dry
And my words deny
As a few blank sheets
Look to you tonight.

Oh tell them once
For one more chance
For my night too waits
To complete tonight.

© Arindam Dey


How do I tell you
How I write?

All but I do
Is let that pen
You gifted me once
Cry a little more
On that blank sheet
On rainy nights.

Oh, how do I tell you
How I write?

© Arindam Dey